My Super Big Brother

My Super Big Brother is a whimsical take on an adoring baby girl and her impression of her big brother. Be prepared to reimagine seemingly mundane daily activities as superpowers and see the heroism in the daily life of a child.

One charismatic big brother, and one new baby sister who is curious about everything big brother does, equals a recipe for imagination. With a subtle introduction to this multicultural family, it’s clear the primary language in this house is love. Written in rhymes by a mother who wants to capture the precious moments in time forever.

Our Super Hero!

Faster than a speeding bullet? Can leap over the tallest building? Well, he may not be the “traditional” super hero, but to his baby sister, he is the toughest, bravest, and kindest brother in the world.

Connor couldn’t wait to be a big brother. Ever since the arrival of his baby sister, he has vowed to be her protector. As a mother, there is nothing sweeter in the world to see their relationship grow.

Our Princess – the missing piece to our family puzzle.

From the minute Harper wakes up, Connor is rushing to see his baby sister, and Harper wakes up eager to greet him too. With dance parties, and picnics, pool parties, and slumber parties, these two make life so enjoyable.

You too, my darling Harper, have super powers. Your powers are bringing laughter, joy, and energy to everyone around you. Never stop smiling – our Super Hero in the making.